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*Accepts Delaware

Updated Soon
*Accepts Delaware

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Recently, playing casino games in online casinos in Delaware or was made possible, opening a lot of opportunities for the market as well as for the state's budget. Playing in legal online casinos started October 31. People in Delaware can play blackjack, slot machines, roulette and poker in these online casinos. for Delaware

In the first weeks of operations, the authorized owners of such systems preferred to test for free how the Internet casinos operate. In this way, the eventual problems of the online casinos can be easily revealed and corrected in due time. The main problems that can occur in this respect are related to the safety and security of the information traded through the servers. The users need the guarantee that their personal information shared through the servers is safe from attacks and hacking attempts.

In Delaware, playing online is possible by using the I-Gambling system, operated through one of the three authorized casinos in the state. Starting to play as such is relatively easy: the IP address will be checked and the registration will be finalized within minutes through a message check sent on the mobile phone.

Playing in online casinos in Delaware is possible for local residents only. The experts explained that the measure is aimed to cope up with the increasing competition from the neighbouring states. The market of Internet casinos in the US is relatively at the beginning and many states are looking to get the full financial potential in the next months. Especially in Delaware, the casinos' revenues decreased considerably in the last years. The alternative of online casinos is aimed to reach an audience that usually does not go to play in physical casinos, but are tech savvy enough to prefer the amusement of the online environment.

The market studies revealed that the classical casino visitor is around 50 years old, while the potential target of the Internet casino is between 25 and 38. The critics of the Internet casinos consider that such gambling alternatives are lacking the usual social entertainment dimension, while the supports share the opinion that from the comfort of the home, gambling is made easier and more efficient. It also involves paying less and winning more, as it can be done as often as possible, without any time limitations. The popularity and affordability of the Internet are facts, and it is important that the businesses take the full advantage of the opportunities, including in terms of expanding the outreach of online casinos outlined the observers of the online market.

Last but not least, the financial experts are very interested to know the economic potential of the new market. The first hand estimations consider that the Internet casinos will bring to the state budget a minimal amount of $5 million in revenue. The certain amount will be known for sure only at the end of the current fiscal year, next June. The specialists consider that an important share of these revenues will be directed to charities and various public funding projects, such as schools and local libraries.

Disclaimer: Only play where legal